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Apple’s $25 Million Settlement with DOJ Highlights Concerns in PERM Recruitment Practices

Apple’s recent $25 million settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) serves as a cautionary tale for employers engaged in the Permanent Labor Certification Process (PERM) when sponsoring employees…

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Preparing for a Potential Government Shutdown: Immigration Implications for Employers

As the possibility of a government shutdown on September 30 looms, employers should proactively address the potential immigration implications that may arise. Impacts include closure of the DOL and E-Verify system unavailability.

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DOL Ends Grace Period for LCA Amendments and Mandatory Postings Required by Worksite Changes

The Department of Labor (DOL) has ended a 30-day grace period, instituted during the COVID-19 National Emergency, for employers to comply with Labor Condition Application (LCA) amendments and mandatory postings…

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Form I-9 News: New Form and New Process for Remote Review of Documents

The newest Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification will be published August 1, 2023. The new Form I-9 will support the remote examination of identity and employment authorization documents under a DHS-authorized “Alternative Procedure” for qualifying employers.

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Navigating Delays in the PERM Labor Certification Process

The PERM labor certification process is a critical step for foreign nationals seeking to obtain permanent residency in the United States through employment-based sponsorship. However, the Department of Labor’s (DOL) processing times for PERM applications have increased substantially in recent years, causing frustration and uncertainty for applicants and their employers alike. While PERM can be a challenging process, having a better understanding of the current processing timelines can help to manage expectations and alleviate stress throughout the process.