Our Technology

Our Technology Enhances the Client Experience

Maggio Kattar employs best-in-class technology to ensure efficiency and security without compromising our client’s experience. 


Secure online intake and document sharing

Secure online intake and document sharing allows clients to share sensitive information with us easily with peace of mind that their private information is guarded with the highest levels of security. 

Our applications allow clients different paths to access their information, including their own secure portal where they can access their case information and progress at any time. Finally, our applications store all information provided so clients don’t have to provide the same information twice!


INSZoom provides a number of options

We know that every organization has different needs and resources.

Therefore,  INSZoom provides a number of options for the user experience. 

Employers can choose to use the application in the manner that works best for them through customized access, reporting tools and case initiation methods. 


SOC Type2 compliant and ISO 27001 certified

Our technology is SOC Type2 compliant and ISO 27001 certified. 

We pay careful attention to every possible facet of data security, and, to that end, our staff are rigorously and regularly trained on cybersecurity, data protection regulations and best practices to ensure that our client’s data remains safe and secure.  

Partnership With INSZoom

We are committed to providing the best client experience possible. To that end, we believe technology should enhance, but not replace, the personal attention that we provide our clients.

We have partnered with INSZoom, a leading U.S. and Global immigration case management software provider for over 20 years to ensure the best experience possible for our clients.

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