The Form I-9 released 07/17/2017 must be used for all new hires and reverifications on or after September 18, 2017.

Corporate compliance with both the letter and spirit of the law is essential to maintaining a competitive advantage in the global marketplace, and full compliance requires strict adherence to all laws, including those relating to immigration.

It is essential for corporate human resources and legal departments to obtain guidance to develop and implement an immigration policy that ensures compliance. Such guidance focuses on training key personnel and management, maintaining oversight, implementing monitoring systems, conducting due diligence, and providing regular updates on changes to immigration law. A formal policy regarding the hiring and retention of foreign national’s benefits employers by minimizing penalties and legal violations, maintaining a good public image, attracting the best and brightest workers, and facilitating the proper movement of international personnel. A successful corporate compliance program must address I-9 Forms, Social Security No-Match Letters, and E-Verify.

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