Immigration in the United States has been a fundamental element in the United States’s principles,  economy, and perception within the global community, therefore it is no surprise that so much emphasis has been focused, by the country’s lawmakers, on the content and application of the country’s immigration laws since its establishment.  What is new, however, is the use of social media to  instantly and broadly share politician’s opinions, perceptions and random thoughts regarding all matters, including immigration law.  However, absent actual legislation, there is no substance to these tweets and posts that support any action by foreign nationals in the United States, or the employers of foreign nationals in the United States, except to share their thoughts and concerns with their local and state’s representatives. In fact, so much discussion via media has proven to be misleading, or the speaker to be misinformed or lacking a fundamental understanding of the topics on which they speak, that a response would simply add to the length of a non-substantive conversation and is simply not merited. 

Therefore it is Maggio Kattar’s position to only to provide information and guidance to clients with regard to legislative policy and practice that is actionable, rather than to opine on non-substantive statements made via television, social media, or otherwise. As your partner in meeting your immigration goals, we are committed to keeping our clients educated on changes to immigration laws, regulations and practices that impact their immigration needs.