If your employer is sponsoring you for an H-1B, you will need to supply the following documents:


  1. A complete copy of your current passport (including all stamped and blank pages)
  2. A complete copy of all expired passports (including all stamped and blank pages)
  3. A copy of your Form I-94 if you are currently in the U.S.  You may retrieve a copy of your Form I-94 from CBP by clicking here.
  4. Copies of all Employment Authorization Documents that may have been issued to you in the past
  5. Copies of all post-secondary degrees and/or diplomas, transcripts (i.e. marksheets), and , if applicable translations and foreign credential evaluations
  6. Detailed curriculum vitae or resume sowing exact dates and location of employment
  7. Any prior I-797 approval notices issued for employment or other applications/petitions.  If any petitions are still pending, please provide I-797 receipt notices for the pending petitions.
  8. If you have ever held F_1 status, copies of all I-20 forms
  9. If you have ever held J-1 status, copies of all IAP-66 and DS-2019 forms and waiver approvals

Depending on the facts of your matter, and whether or not you have any family members accompanying you to the U.S., your attorney may request additional documentation.