Asylum Granted to El Salvadorian Victim of Persecution Due To Sexual Orientation

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - 12:30pm

As a gay man, Victor1 suffered abuse from his father who would not accept that he is gay.  His father would beat him constantly as a child to make sure he became “a real man.”  He was ridiculed and bullied at school and called derogatory names by his classmates.  Victor fled his home country of El Salvador because he could not live as an openly gay man.  El Salvador is an extremely homophobic country and the LGBTQI community in El Salvador experience violence and discrimination on a daily basis from both non-state actors and state actors.

Victor suffered severe anxiety and depression associated with the trauma he experienced in El Salvador.  He also had undiagnosed ADHD.  Maggio Kattar attorneys argued that extraordinary circumstances (i.e., Victor’s anxiety, depression, and ADHD) prevented him from filing for asylum within one year of his arrival.  Victor also got married to another man several years after his arrival.  We argued that this change in circumstances made him eligible for an exception to the one year filing deadline. Thanks to our attorneys’ strong advocacy, Maggio Kattar is happy to announce that the Arlington Immigration Court granted asylum to Victor .  


[1] A different name is being used to protect our client’s identity.